Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Repro 101 Blog Repro PPoP Index – updated for Q3 2014

PPoP = “plans printed on paper”

About the Repro 101 Blog Repro PPoP Index; what we’ve been saying all along about this Index:

 - This index does not attempt to track "total sales" of A/E/C reprographers. It attempts to track only sales of "plans printed on paper”.

 - And, by "plans printed on paper", I mean A/E/C "plans", large-format, b/w and color, unbound or bound, full-size, half-size, whatever large-format size.

If you click on the link that’s immediately below, you’ll find a table that contains all of the Index readings since we first began publishing this Index, including the most recent Index reading for Q3 2014:

Blog Publisher’s comments:

Based on the Q3 2014 Index reading, large-format plan printing activity dropped off compared to the first two quarters of 2014. Perhaps the Q4 Index, which we hope to be able to post in early January 2015, will show evidence that the Q3 Index decline was an anomaly.

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