Friday, December 19, 2014

HP PageWide Wide-Format Printers - HP's latest teaser e-mail ...

HP’s latest teaser-e-mail about HP PageWide Wide-Format is titled, “Don’t Open Until 2015!”

And, when you open that e-mail, HP goes on to say:

Aha! We knew you would!

But since you did, being curious pays off! I wanted to make sure you know the new PageWide Technology set to transform the large-format printing market. To keep up with the latest news, use the "Register now" button at the bottom to sign up for the HP PageWide Technology eNewsletter.

Anthony McReynolds | Presales Business Consultant Large Format Printing Solutions | HP Graphics Solutions Business |

Blog Publisher’s comment:

HP’s teaser e-mail invites you to sign up for the HP PW Technology eNewsletter and provides a couple of videos for you to watch.  The first time I saw an HP PageWide printer, which was at the HP launch event in San Diego the beginning of June, the model shown had three drawers, so I think that meant a 6-roll model.  One of the pictures shared when you click on one of the links in the newest teaser e-mail shows both a three drawer model and a two drawer (4-roll?) model, so it looks like, later in 2015, HP will be offering at least two different versions of its PageWide Wide-Format printers.  The only thing I did not like about the video shown in the latest teaser e-mail was that prints exiting the machine are, apparently, headed for the floor!  Where’s the stacker tray, HP?!

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