Sunday, December 28, 2014

Large-format printing for the arts community

I made my annual trip to Art Basel Miami earlier this month.  Art Basel Miami has grown into a humongous event, and, if you’re into art, it’s an event that you don’t want to miss.  At my age, I don’t have any wall space left to fill, but, even though that’s the case, …’s still fun to look!  Art Basel Miami was based at the convention center in Miami Beach, but there were exhibitions at multiple venues spread across the Miami (Design District) and Miami Beach areas.

I’m not an artist, nor am I a photographer, but I do carry an iPhone and like to take photos with my iPhone.

At the convention center, I wandered into a booth that had on the wall a high-quality black and white photographic print of a person’s faces – reflecting different moods.  There were 18 different shots of that person, all collected into one photographic poster-print.  Since, the day before, I had given as a gift to a friend a framed “faces” poster-print, I just had to walk over to the person hosting the booth to ask, “what’s the price of that piece?”  I was shocked, absolutely shocked, when the person casually said, “$180,000 USD”.  The first thought that popped into my mind was, “UFB!”

I’ve placed in my Google Drive library a file that shows the “faces” poster print I made and gifted to my friend the day before.  I, of course, dragged my friend over to that booth to show him the $180,000 “faces” photographic poster print …. so he could see, first hand, the value of the gift I gave him!  As to the “faces” poster print(s) I made, I took the photos on various days a couple of years ago (at a prior Art Basel Miami event), and a friend who’s a very talented graphic designer compiled the photos I took into one “poster” (actually, there are two separate posters, one in b/w the other in color), and another friend, a reprographer in Tampa, was very kind to print the files for me (at no charge.) 

Okay, here’s the link to the “faces” poster print(s) I gifted to my friend:

Reprographers who offer large-format printing services; consider promoting this type of “faces” poster print to your customers.  All your customers have to do is take multiple photos of the same individual at different times.  Makes for a great gift.  I’m going to do “faces” poster prints of my kids and grandkids (un huh, as that saying goes, “when I get a round tuit”.  Note, I actually have a “round tuit”; it is a round wooden block with the letters TUIT burned into the top.)

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