Saturday, December 27, 2014

Reprographers, are your Internet-connected servers secure?

For Reprographics 101, I do a fair amount of research on Google.

Yesterday, while doing that – Google research on the Internet – I found links to a reprographer’s “order” files.  With this link, I found that I could view every order this company processed.  I could not only view the orders, I could print them!  The orders showed names of customers, services provided, and unit prices for each service.  If I’d wanted to, I could have spent hours and hours building a customer list, including information about unit prices offered to each customer!

After I realized what I’d found, I e-mailed the CEO of the company whose order files I found open on the Internet, to let him know what I found.  Shortly after I did that, I received an e-mail acknowledging my "alert". 

This morning, I was unable to access the order files, so, evidently, fixing the problem was done very quickly.

Which brings to mind the question - - are your servers, those connected to the Internet – secure?  You might want to check that periodically!

Happy New Year!

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