Thursday, April 9, 2015

Clarification necessary: I am not employed by HP

I’m at the IRgA/ERA Convention in Atlanta, and I’m at the convention because HP invited a couple of “press” people to the convention, and I’m one of those.  I am considered “press” because of the Reprographics 101 Blog.  HP paid my travel expenses and my convention registration fee.  (Thank you, HP, for doing that!)

When I was at the restaurant tonight, where convention participants were gathered for food, drink and lots of discussion, nine or 10 people came up to me to ask me if I had become an employee of HP.  The first time that happened, I asked that person where he got the idea that I was now employed by HP, and he pointed to my convention name badge, saying, “HP is below your name.”   I did not realize that until that was pointed out to me, since I did not bother to look at what was on my badge when I picked it up at registration.  So, an “aha” moment.

I am employed by Proactive Management Programs, LLC, which is my consulting practice, and, as most people know, I’m the Publisher of the Reprographics 101 Blog.

Although I very much appreciate HP paying my way to attend this year’s IRgA/ERA Convention, that does not create any sort of bias on my part, and I know that HP understands that.  As a blog-publisher I do my best to report the news – and to express my opinions - in an unbiased fashion.

Thank you,

Joel Salus

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