Sunday, April 12, 2015

BlueVue - they offer document management for the construction space

Apparently, a relatively new player.

BlueVue’s VP of Marketing, Mike Compeau (who used to be with Franz Engineering Reproductions in Minneapolis) reached out to me, a few days ago, to introduce me to his firm’s (BlueVue’s) document management product(s) for the construction space.  Here’s some of the information that appears on BlueVue’s web-site:

Designed by construction professionals for secure, fast, reliable, consistent access to construction plans and their revisions. Designed for mid- and large-size construction companies with large plan sets in either a design+build or design/tender environment. 

BluVue Plans includes tools for PDF markup and annotation, and workflows to support RFI, centralized document and project management, teams and notifications.
Bringing Construction to the Cloud

BluVue Plans is a comprehensive single software solution for:
-PDF Markup
-Paperless Plans
-Document Management
-Request For Information (RFI)
-Use it during pre-construction (estimating), construction (paperless plans, markup, collaboration), and post-construction (as-builts and maintenance).

Link to their web-site:

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