Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HP PageWide Wide-Format at the IRgA/ERA Convention in Atlanta next week

Yesterday in the mail, I received a promo piece – about HP PageWide wide-format - prepared for, and sent to those, who will likely be attending the IRgA/ERA Convention in Atlanta next week. 

For those reprographers who’ve not yet seen an HP PageWide wide-format printer in person, this will be their first opportunity to watch it operate … and kick the tires.

There’s a very bold claim in the promo piece.  Here’s what’s said, “Come and meet the printer producing color jobs at speed, for the same price as black & white, all with lower running costs than LED.”

I take that to mean….

-Color and black & white large-format prints at the same output speed.

-Color and black & white large-format output at the same cost.

-Running costs lower than the running costs of LED.

HP is expecting its new PageWide wide-format technology to truly disrupt the large-format printing market in terms of speed, growth and economics.

I’m looking forward to attending the IRgA/ERA event in Atlanta next week.

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