Wednesday, January 4, 2017

ARC Document Solutions and ABC Imaging make the CIOReview list of the 20 most promising Managed Print Solutions providers

The other day, I put up a blog-post about reprographics companies active in the Tampa Bay Area.  Some are over or approaching 50 years in business.  Interestingly, though, the three oldest companies in the Tampa Bay Area are among the smallest in that area (in terms of number of employees and in terms of annual sales volume.)

I’m fairly certain that I understand why some reprographics companies don’t grow to be large businesses (in terms of annual sales volume) in spite of the fact that they endure year after year.  Do you understand the primary reason for that?  If you do not, you’ve probably been missing out on the absolutely best way to grow a reprographics business.

That being to provide FM/MPS services to your A/E/C customers. 

Offering (and effectively providing) FM/MPS services to A/E/C customers is absolutely, without any question, the optimum way to serve those customers.  And, customers love it! 

Recently, CIOReview posted a list of 20 of the most promising Managed Print Services providers.  ABC Imaging and ARC Document Solutions are on that list.  The other 18 companies on that list are not specifically focused on A/E/C. Somehow, the list failed to include BlueEdge (formerly NRI) and Thomas Printworks; both of those companies offer and provide FM/MPS services. (And both Thomas and BlueEdge, like ARC and ABC, rank among the top 5 in our industry).  (Note: there are also, obviously, other reprographers in and around the U.S. who offer and provide FM/MPS services.)

Both of the companies I was formerly involved in offered and provided FM/MPS services to A/E/C customers. And, doing that was the primary reason why both companies grew to exceed $23 million in annual sales.

If you’ve thought of offering FM/MPS services to A/E/C firms in your community but haven’t yet pushed into that field, take the time to examine that. Or, if you’ve attempted to push into that field but did not have success, consider why you were not successful.  (For those of you who would like to know the “complete story” of how that business works, get in touch with me!)

From CIOReview (its on-line magazine): 20 Most Promising Managed Print Services Providers 2016:

Link in the above list that takes you to a brief write-up of ABC Imaging:

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