Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Russell Horn, Jr of Print-O-Stat passed away last year (E/A firm Buchart-Horn also mentioned in this blog-post)

My apologies, as what I’m going to mention, Russ Horn’s passing, happened early in 2016. 

Russell Horn, Jr., an outstanding person ….and a very nice guy, served for several years as President of Print-O-Stat.  He passed away on January 18th, 2016.

Print-O-Stat, a well-respected reprographics company with multiple locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia (10 locations total), was one of my competitors when I was in business in the Washington-Baltimore Common Market Area back in the 1980’s.

I met Russ a couple of times; once at an Eastern Reprographics Association convention and once at Print-O-Stat’s HQ’s office in York, PA.  The purpose of my visit to his office in York – was to express my company’s interest in purchasing Print-O-Stat.  (There was no interest on Russ’ part.) 

Most reprographers who know of Print-O-Stat are probably not aware that it is owned by PACE Resources, a company that also owns a fairly large E/A firm, Buchart-Horn.

“BH is a full-service engineering and architectural firm with 16 offices in 8 states and an international office in Frankfort, Germany. Our team of more than 200 members is proud of the work we provide for our clients and looks forward to working with you on your next project.”

I never asked Russ for the full story about the founding of Print-O-Stat.  I suspect that P-O-S began as the reprographics department of Buchart-Horn, but, after Russ’ father realized that reprographics was a real-live business, it was spun off into its own separate business (subsidiary)…..and it grew from that point into a strong regional player in the reprographics industry.


Article from the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal

York woman named to lead PACE Resources board
Silvia Dugan succeeds father, grandfather

By David O'Connor, April 14, 2016 at 1:13 PM

Silvia Dugan has been elected chairwoman of the board of directors for PACE Resources Inc. in York, succeeding her father and the former chairman of the board, Russell E. Horn Jr., who died Jan. 18.

A York resident, Dugan has been president and CEO of Print-O-Stat Inc., PACE’s subsidiary company, since 2003.

Dugan also is the granddaughter of Russell E. Horn Sr., who founded PACE Resources in 1970 as a holding company for its subsidiaries, including York-based engineering firm Buchart Horn Inc., which Horn also founded, in 1946.

Her “father and grandfather dedicated their careers to building this corporation,” Dugan said, and “I think it's important to maintain their legacy.”

Dugan began her Print-O-Stat career in the sales division in the Philadelphia region 38 years ago and went on to hold multiple positions in sales, operations and management, a news release on her new title said.

Today, Dugan serves on the board of Print-O-Stat and Buchart Horn, and is past president of the Eastern Regional Reprographic Association and past president of the Firepower Group, both printing industry organizations.

She “has always had the best interest of the organization at hand, and, now as chairman of the PACE board, she brings her passion and leadership experience in guiding the PACE organization into the future,” said Brian Funkhouser, president and CEO of Buchart Horn.

PACE provides accounting, financial services and human resources as well as legal and corporate communications to its subsidiary companies, Buchart Horn and Print-O-Stat.

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