Monday, January 9, 2017

Canon Eliminates All Pricing Programs and adds Chargebacks?

The title of this post was the title of a post this morning on the popular web-site, a web-site devoted to imaging equipment dealers. (Mr. Art Post owns and operates that web-site; he is a  long-term veteran of the imaging equipment business and industry.)

I don’t know whether it’s true, or not true, that Canon is, or will be, eliminating “all” pricing programs and is, or will be, implementing “chargebacks.”

But, apparently, based on the e-mail string I read on p4photel, Canon is making some changes related to dealer discounts.  I don’t know whether these changes will apply to just small-format equipment or will apply, as well, to large-format equipment.  If you are a dealer for Canon wide-format equipment, I’d suggest that you reach out to Canon to find out what the changes are …. and how they will affect your ability to profit from the sale of Canon equipment and how they will affect your profits on the sale of Canon equipment.  Virtually every reprographer who sells wide-format equipment carries Canon-brand equipment.  (When Canon first began offering wide-format equipment, Canon made it ultra-easy for anyone to sign up as a dealer.)

One poster (in the p4photel web-site article comment-string), implied that the changes are designed to give even greater discounts to large-volume Canon dealers, but that smaller-volume dealers will not fare as well in the future as they have in the past.

Reach out to your Canon dealer rep for the “real” information.

Here’s a link to the p4photel web-site.  (You have to be registered to access information/posts on the p4photel web-site, so there’s no reason for me to give you a link to the article.)

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