Saturday, April 11, 2009

OCE Announces Plotwave 300 System

IRGA Members recently received an e-mail from OCE in which OCE announced that it would be introducing its new Plotwave 300 system at the IRGA Convention in Pittsburgh.

Although I've not yet read the OCE Plotwave 300 brochure (or technical specifications), it looks like this system is OCE's response to the KIP 3000 (now KIP 3100 system) ..... finally!

A black & white only system (which shares the radiant fusing technology found on OCE's other lower-end systems), this is the first OCE system I know of that has a scanner on top of the print engine ...... so, finally, a "single footprint" (space saver) system from OCE.

One cannot help but think that OCE's "logic" behind the development of this "single footprint" system was driven by significant placements of KIP's 3000 series systems (KIP 3000 and KIP 3100), which are also single foot print systems. (Xerox has also had single footprint systems for quite some time by now.)

KIP's success must have seriously eroded OCE's market share of low-end system placements. If the OCE Plotwave 300's operating performance (and speed and other features) stacks up well against KIP's 3000 series and similar models from Xerox, then OCE should be in a position to recapture some of that lost market share, provided, of course, that the OCE Plotwave 300 is competitively priced. OCE has long been known for very reliable wide-format multifunction systems, and I would bet that the Plotwave 300 will likewise be a very reliable performer.

The "funny thing" about this new system ..... at least to me, and I do have a weird sense of humor ...... is that the KIP 3000 system was introduced on the market when the A/E/C business was hot and heavy, when customer offices were packed with people and space for equipment was hard to come by. When times were hot and heavy, a single footprint system was very appealing to firms that could not afford to give up the space required for a double-footprint system. It took OCE a few years to respond with its first single-foot print system; and, now, OCE's new system is coming to market at a time when many (probably the majority of) A/E/C firms have lots of vacant space in their offices.


  1. Its a color scan to file system like the TDS450, built in Adobe Postscript Level 3 and is faster than the TDS320 (well under 20k)

  2. Just like other Oce products, the Plotwave 300 is built like a tank. We have put over 50 in the field and they are all running smoothly. There were a few speed bumps initially, but after applying all of the updates - they are great running boxes.