Sunday, April 19, 2009

What goes around comes around …. our Architecture customers are “right-sizing” their businesses as well.

From time to time, I read on-line publications from the Architecture Industry, just to see what’s going on in their world. What’s going on in their world, of course, affects the Reprographics Industry.

If you go to the Architectural Record’s site (see link at end of this post), and then select this article …..

Layoffs Sweep Architecture Profession as Economy Worsens
December 29, 2008

….. at the end of that article you will see a bunch of comment posts; here are some examples of the comment posts (not a pretty picture) …. (There are 8 pages of comment posts; it will take you a while to read all the way through the 8 pages of comment posts on the Architectural Record site)

Anonymous wrote:
SmithGill has laid off 50% of its staff since December 2008. They have been factory style group layoffs that are very inpersonal and offer very little severance. It's too bad that that place eats you up and spits you out much like SOM.
3/7/2009 12:05 PM CST

Anonymous wrote:
I am the success story that young interns dream to be. I was one of the top design talents in my class many years ago. I have 30 years of experience as an architect in top end single family homes. I have been through it all from being a department head over 30 architects in the late 80s, working for myself through much of the 90s, heading architecture for a builder, and most recently heading architecture for an interior design firm in Beverly Hills. We let most of our small staff of interior designers and architects go in the last year. I thought that I was "too big to fail" but in my early 50's find myself out on the street again. This time I didn't it see it coming. It came fast and hard. I know I am good. I know that I love my work when things are right. I don't know if I can recover again.
2/4/2009 5:56 PM CST

Anonymous wrote:
Johnson Fain, in Los Angeles, laid off more than 50% of their architectural staff. They were a firm of roughly 120 a little more than a year ago, now they are a firm about 50.
2/4/2009 2:49 PM CST


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