Monday, April 2, 2012

Downtown St Petersburg FL – Compilation of Real Estate Development Projects – Existing, Under Construction, Proposed – as of September 2011

While doing some Google-research this morning, I came across an interesting document that was published, last fall, by the City of St Petersburg, FL.

What a great way to learn the real estate development market in a city. Question; has your city (or county) published a document similar to this one? If so, get a copy of it.

If you choose to open the document I’ve placed in my Google-Docs library, please be patient; it’s large file and will take time to fully download.

On the left hand side of the pages, there’s color coding to indicate whether projects are “existing,” “under construction”, or “proposed.” I noticed that only 2 of the 150 projects mentioned are “under construction.” There are quite a lot of “proposed” projects.

Link to document:

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