Monday, April 2, 2012

Reprographers - how’d your first quarter end up?

Today, I received an e-mail from the President of a 35+ year old reprographics company (and they are a market leader in their market), and, given what the reprographics industry has been going through the past few years, he had some outstanding news to share. (I’ve intentionally deleted his name and the company’s name. He indicated that it would be okay for me to post his comments.)


Just thought I would send you an email about our first quarter. We have yet to get the final numbers for March, but we expect the 1st quarter to be the second most profitable 1stquarter in the history of our company. Sales were not the highest, but bottom-line was very good. I contribute this to cutting expenses and a pick-up in business. Like I said, sales were not the highest, but the sales were much better than the previous three 1st quarters.

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  1. My 25 year old company had a great first quarter. Same story sales are up.
    I define up in terms of post great recession up. By pre 2008 standards sales sucked. Now for the good part. Profits are up by any standards. I am 100%
    out of debt in my business as well as personal life. In these conditions it
    doesn't take much of a up tick in business to send profit flooding to the bottom line. I don't know if our economy is out of the woods yet ? And I don't know what damage is yet to come by all the money our government has created out of thin air. I think I will continue to bank some of this windfall for a rainy day. And I may choose something other then the dollar to preserve my modest accumulation of net worth.