Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Landa Nanographic Printing Process (and video)

Landa Nanographic printing presses were shown for the first time at a major printing and graphics industry event – Drupa – in Dusseldorf, Germany.  Mr. Landa’s newest digital-imaging-process invention has gotten a lot of industry buzz.

I found this video, take a look: (fascinating stuff!):

It’s my understanding that Landa’s presses are not yet ready to roll out the door, that Landa is still working on improvements in image quality, and that shipments are not going to happen until 2013.  (Hope I got that right!)

There’s a discussion going on – about the Landa Nanographic printing equipment - in a group on LinkedIn – and I’d like to share with you some of the comments posted in that discussion:

Matthew Hibbing • @Ita Vos - Yes, you are correct. If the Landa technology is as capable as it appears to be, it will have swift and severe ramifications within the consumables and supply companies. The supply chain will no longer require, conventional inks, blankets, rollers, press wash, fountain chemistries, spray powder, rags, etc. The prepress department will be 'stripped' again - no longer necessary will be plates, chemistry and computer-to-plate engines. 

The only consumable products within the process will be the NanoInk and print substrate. 

Also streamlined with Nanographic printing process are the variables within the unit. Ink ejectors, the digital blanket conveyor and transfer pressure are, simplistically speaking, the only components with adjustability. Very different from the high service demands of present day digital and the journeyman skillsets needed to effectively operate an offset press today. 

Buy your tickets now... It's going to be a wild ride!

Paul Gardner • • • If they come anywhere near the promises of 5x to 10x print speed, at a fraction of the print cost, Benny Landa and his team are going to have a big impact. 

Now with Heidelberg, Komori and Manroland onboard, it will be fascinating to see the product mix that actually hits the market. 

This could be HUGE! And perhaps sooner than most imagine.

Ken Chaletzky • As someone who saw the drupa demonstrations and watched Benny's show, I was more than a little impressed. Yes, they will all do variable data. Most print up to 8 colors on both sides, Top speeds for the sheetfed units range from 11,000-13,000 sph. That's 22,000 to 104,000 A4 size impressions per hour, if my math is correct. Deliveries not expected before the end of 2013. I don't think (and I certainly hope) Landa will not release these presses until all (well, most) of the kinks are worked out and the quality is there. And, while the 3-meter long touch screen was impressive, I loved the portable iPad-like touch screen that allows operators to control jobs while they're away from the press. Unlike conventional sheet fed presses that may need 2 people to operate it, one person can operate multiple Landa presses, so I was told. 

If most of this stuff (let alone all of it) is actually realized, this technology will truly be a game changer.

Ken Chaletzky • I know what you mean. I asked the Landa folks about the quality of the prints. They were quick to admit they are not yet good enough. That's one of the reasons they don't expect to ship before the end of 2013. It's also why they weren't giving out any samples.

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