Monday, June 11, 2012

Is Kodak pulling out of the large-format imaging equipment, parts and ink business ???

So, today, I received an e-mail from Dirck Holscher of Larry Hunt Newsletters.  (As many of your know, Larry Hunt’s Newsletter, for many years by now, have been providing “buyer” information for companies interested in acquiring small-format, and, more recently, large-format imaging equipment.)

Here’s what Dirck said to me and asked me:

Hi Joel,

Hope all is well with you. I received the following note (below) from a (Larry Hunt Newsletters) reader today. I'm a little surprised that Kodak is bailing out of the Encad line without trying to sell the ink and repair parts business to someone. I know there are some Chinese companies that make Encad "replacement" inks, but I couldn't find any US based companies making Encad inks.

Have you heard anything about what is going on with Encad?

Best regards,


Dear Dirck:

"We have a Kodak 1200i large format printer. This is Kodak's improved version of the Encad 1000 & our unit uses Kodak Qi Pigment inks. Not surprisingly, we recently received notification that Kodak is discontinuing the availability of inks (both pigment & dye based) as well as parts & service for virtually the entire line of Encad printers (including the Kodak 1200i).

"Are you aware of any companies that  make "compatible" inks that might be making or might be interested in making ink for this machine?'

After I read Dirck’s e-mail, I surfed the web to see if I could find any news related to what Dirck’s reader said to, and asked, Dick.  I was unable to find anything that talks about any changes at Kodak related to Kodak-Encad equipment, parts or ink.  And, I visited the Kodak’s Encad web-site
and found nothing to support Dirck’s reader’s claim that Kodak has made any changes to its Encad business.  Of course, this does not mean that Kodak has not made any changes; it very well may have made some changes that have not yet been widely communicated.

So, does anybody happen to know the answers to these three questions?

1)    Has Kodak announced an exit from the wide-format imaging equipment business?
2)    Is Kodak discontinuing parts and supplies for Encad equipment?
3)    If the answer to the above two questions is yes, then can you suggest alternative sources of supply for parts and inks?

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