Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Revit Architecture 2013 - Product Review

AECbytes Product Review
June 19, 2012

Product Summary

Revit Architecture 2013 is the new release of Autodesk’s BIM application for architectural design. It is available as a module in an integrated multi-disciplinary version of Revit or as a stand-alone application.

Pros: Includes several improvements made to the core Revit platform, such as the ability to specify an image file as the background in rendered views, a ray trace visual style that allows real-time photorealistic rendering mode, the ability to add real-world properties to materials to enable more accurate analysis and visualization, improved interoperability and IFC support, improvements to both parts and assemblies for construction modeling, and various dimensioning enhancements; expanded Stair and Railing tools, facilitating the creation of custom stairs and the modeling of railing transitions, extensions, and supports; ability to create and recall selection sets of elements; improved Help documentation and the availability of many video tutorials to learn different aspects of the application.

Cons: Continues to have most of the limitations pointed out in previous versions, including large and difficult-to-manage file sizes, support for multi-processing only across some rather than all areas of the application, and lack of intuitiveness and ease of use in its conceptual modeling environment compared to popular conceptual design tools; lack of built-in Help documentation means that one cannot rely on any guidance without Internet access; no dramatic new features or any real “game-changers” in the new release.

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