Thursday, July 19, 2012

2012 Premier Print Award Winners Announced

So, if you’ve never entered a competition and never won an award, does that mean that your company does not produce, or is not capable of producing, outstanding quality print jobs? What’s the purpose of entering a competition if the “awards” only benefit a very few of those who participated in the competition.

Similar to the above, for years, some organizations have held competitions to select the “Best Shop of the Year”. What really determines who is the “best” shop? To me, the “best” shop is the one that makes the most money, not just percentage of profit, but total dollars of profit. But, what’s the point of entering such competitions? Seems like ego-tripping to me.

2012 Premier Print Award Winners Announced

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 18, 2012―Printing Industries of America has announced the winners of the 2012 Premier Print Awards, the world’s most prestigious international print competition. More than 2,800 entries were submitted for judging. Visit for a complete listing of the 2012 winners.

By visiting the official Premier Print Awards website, (, visitors will be able to see a list of the 109 Best of Category award winners (Benny recipients) as well as a listing of pieces and companies that received Awards of Recognition and Certificates of Merit.

All Benny-winning pieces will be featured in a full-color publication mailed to 10,000 print buyers, as well as recognized in front of hundreds of industry executives at the Premier Print Awards Gala Featuring the InterTech™ Technology Awards and the web2awards, held in conjunction with GRAPH EXPO 2012 on Sunday, October 7. The Best in Show will also be revealed during the awards gala. 

Jay Mandarino, president and founder, The C.J. Group of Companies, appreciates the importance of the recognition that comes with a Premier Print Award win. The C.J. Group of Companies annually participates in the Premier Print Awards and boasts an impressive collection of Benny wins.

“These awards are very important to our marketing efforts in selling premium printed communication materials to our clients and for getting us into other countries,” Mandarino said.

He continued, “Printing Industries of America has done a great job in developing and producing this award contest and making it the only truly prestigious international print competition.”

For information on attending the Premier Print Awards Gala or general Premier Print Award questions, contact Mike Packard at or 800-910-4283 ext. 704.

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