Sunday, July 1, 2012

Service Point Solutions - First Quarter 2012 Financial Results Report

On May 13, 2012, we posted information about a Press Release Service Point Solutions issued on May 11, 2012, about its Q1 2012 results. If you care to look back at that previous post, here’s a link to that post:

Yesterday, when I visited SPS’ web-site (, I found that SPS had published its Q1 2012 financial-results-report; that report is now posted in my Google Docs library and can be accessed with this link:

Please note: I found only a Spanish-language version of the Q1 2012 Financial report. BUT, numbers are numbers; you don’t need to know Spanish to understand the numbers in the report.

For Q1 2012, Service Point Solutions reported:

Sales – 54.843 mil Euros

Net Loss – 1.671 mil Euros

I’m wondering if these results provoked the senior management changes SPS recently announced?

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