Sunday, May 25, 2014

Announcing the establishment of “Reprographics 101” Reprographics Industry Hall of Fame

A few months ago, the IRgA announced the three newest recipients of the prestigious IRgA Bukovsky Award.  That award goes to people who make (or, in the past tense, who made) a significant contribution to the IRgA.  For the most part, one has to serve (or have served) as an Officer or Director of the IRgA (or on various IRgA committees) in order to be considered for that award.

With great pleasure and high expectations, I’m now announcing the next project for the Reprographics 101 Blog ….. the establishment of …..

 The Reprographics Industry Hall of Fame.” 

Why?  While it's certainly nice to see people rewarded for their contributions to the IRgA, there are a whole host of other industry people who, in their own way shape and form, had (and, for those still active, are continuing to have) a profound impact on the reprographics industry. The  Reprographics Industry Hall of Fame will recognize those "movers and shakers who've had a significant impact on, or who've played a significant role in, shaping the reprographics industry business and landscape, regardless of whether or not they made any contributions to the IRgA.  The Reprographics Industry Hall of Fame will not be limited to people in the U.S; the Hall of Fame is intended to be “worldwide.”

(As revised):  To be eligible for consideration as a Hall of Fame inductee, each person must meet two or more of the following criteria:

 - He/She grew a company, from small to much larger than the average reprographics business, and, in the process, their company became a multi-country or nationwide or multi-regional or regional or dominant-specific-market-area enterprise.

 - He/She developed and/or introduced to the reprographics marketplace technology, either software or hardware or both, that had a dramatic impact on the reprographics business and industry.  Note that the inductee may have been a reprographer or a vendor.

 - He/She founded and/or managed an industry association group, whether non-profit or for profit, that proved to have a significant impact on the reprographics business and industry.

- His/Her approach to being in the reprographics business represented a unique or special development.

- His/Her contributions to others, as a mentor and educator and sounding board, whether or not they actually knew that they were considered a mentor, had a profound, significant impact on the careers of others in the reprographics business.

- He/She put forth, over a long-term basis, a significant effort to communicate industry relevant information for the benefit of reprographers …. in an effort to help reprographers develop/grow their businesses.

Note:  A person’s significant contributions to the IRgA are not considered relevant for the consideration of induction into The Reprographics Industry Hall of Fame, as that is what the IRgA Bukovsky Award is all about. Also, one does not have to be an owner or partner of company in order to be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame.  (There are several industry Sales VP’s and CFO’s who have had a dramatic impact on the growth of the companies they are, or were, associated with.)

Induction into The Reprographics Industry Hall of Fame will not be an annual event.  Induction will take place on an on-going basis, as nominations are received, considered and voted on.

All former and current reprographers are invited and encouraged to participate in nominating people for induction into The Reprographics Industry Hall of Fame. 

At the link you’ll see immediately below, I’ve posted (in my Google Drive library) the form to be used for submitting nominations for The Reprographics Industry Hall of Fame.  If you are going to submit a nomination form, please “download” the form, complete it, and submit it via e-mail to

About participation.  Well, given the fact that most will not even consider participating - - in any project or effort - - I don't have high hopes for widespread participation.  But that does not discourage me!  I’ve already compiled a list of close to 50 people who I feel should be inducted in The Reprographics Industry Hall of Fame.

Committee to evaluate nominations and to select inductees.  I have not yet reached out to anyone about participating on the evaluation “committee”; that will be my next step; for now, I’d like to get the nomination process rolling!

Thank you,

Joel Salus
Publisher of “Reprographics 101”

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