Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Distribute-then-print" - A/E/C reprographics "print-partner" services in Eastern/Central Europe

If you are in the A/E/C reprographics business in the U.S., the U.K., or in Western Europe and are serving A/E/C customers in your countries who are working on projects in these Eastern/Central European countries - Russia, Poland, The Czech Republic or Hungary - then I want to make sure that you know that Copy General in Europe - one of the largest A/E/C reprographics enterprises in Eastern/Central Europe, is available to serve as your print-partner for "distribute-then-print" services that you or your customers require.

Copy General in Europe operates A/E/C reprographics production centers in:
* Russia (Moscow)
* Poland (Warsaw)
* The Czech Republic (Prague, Brno, Pilzen)
* Hungary (Budapest)

For reprographers who are working with A/E/C customers who want to get prints (plans and specs, or what's also referred to as project-documentation) delivered to recipients located in Russia, if you print outside Russia and then ship the prints to Russia, you will be faced with customs inspections delays, sometimes days, sometimes more than two weeks and, if and when that happens, that will not put you in a good light with your customers. If you send digital files to Copy General in Moscow, CG can produce, finish and deliver/distribute print orders for you, avoiding Russian customs inspection delays.

Your contact for Copy General in Europe is Patrick Snodgrass, Regional Sales Director; his e-mail address is (And, yes, Patrick speaks English; he is a U.S. guy working in Europe.)

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