Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ode to a retiring ex-NGI associate - David Fitz

This past weekend while out to dinner, I bumped into one of my ex-NGI associates, David Fitz, CPA. David told me that he's announced his retirement from NGI. If I'm recalling this accurately, David joined NGI around 3 years after I joined NGI, and we worked together for approximately 7 years (of my 10 years with NGI.)

About David Fitz: he joined NGI as our Controller and, actually, David was the only Controller NGI ever had. We also had a CFO, Craig Hubbard, CPA (who worked part-time), and it was Craig who convinced David Fitz to join the NGI team. (I may have mentioned Craig Hubbard in one of my previous posts, but, if I did not, he's the smartest tax I've ever met.) Anyway, David Fitz, our Controller, was absolutely fantastic. He not only implemented systems to timely and accurately gather up and report our monthly, quarterly and annual numbers (and comparative statistics as well), he, along with our CFO, taught our management team how to use "the numbers" to review performance and to plan improvements. He not only led our crew of bean counters, he also served as our HR resource, directed our Billing, A/R, A/P, G/L, Collections and Tax functions, and worked closely with our CFO on any matter related to finance, cash flow or information management systems. He was a part of our 8-person management team and participated at all Board of Directors meetings. One could not find a finer, smarter, more dedicated Controller than David Fitz. We were blessed to have him as a part of our team, and he was a true team player.

To David Fitz (who, I'm sure does not read my blog, but, whatever....) - thank you for being a part of NGI's team when I was on board, and good luck and good health in retirement!!!

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