Thursday, April 29, 2010

Greg Williams has retired from NGI (NGI is an ARC-owned company)

Greg Williams, who, since Q1 2006, served as President of NGI, retired from NGI sometime during Q1 2010. This is not "new news", it is at least a couple of months old, but I'm finally taking a few minutes time to write about Greg and his retirement from NGI.

On March 1, 2006, this brief article appeared in the Jacksonville Business Journal ....
Greg Williams, a Jacksonville resident, has been named President of NGI, a Tampa-based graphic imaging solutions. Williams, who has been with the company since 1986 and had been Executive Vice President, will operate out of NGI's Jacksonville office. "Greg is the ideal person to lead NGI," said NGI Chairman and CEO Martha Korman. "He has the industry knowledge, experience and skills to take the company to the next level as a leader in the graphic imaging industry."

I had the pleasure of working with Greg during my 10+ year career at NGI. As President of NGI (and even before that, when he was the "executive vice president"), Greg was "the glue" that held together the operations of the company. Greg was one of the founding shareholders of NGI when the company was first established in 1986 and, through hard-work (and a bit of shrewd negotiating) became a very significant NGI shareholder. After NGI was sold to ARC (in December 2007), Greg stayed on (for 2+ years) to manage the transition from NGI management to ARC management. Recognizing Greg's talent, dedication and devotion to mission, ARC appointed Greg "President of ARC Florida operations" in the Spring of 2009.

I learned quite a lot from Greg over the years we were together in business, including the definition of the term "double-wide", the true meaning of the word "redneck", and how to drink a six-pack and still be able to carry on a coherent discussion (actually, I failed miserably at the latter.) Greg will be missed by everyone who worked with him; he was not only an organizer and motivator, but a person who truly cared about those who were a part of the team.

Good luck and good health to you, Greg, and remember to invite me to the grand opening of "Big Greg's Bahamas Beach Bar", when you finally get around to buying your own private island in the Bahamas.

CLARIFICATION: After reading this post, Greg felt it important to point out to me that he has NEVER owned a "double-wide."

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