Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Comment on ARC's Q1 2010 Results (NYSE: ARP)

A couple of weeks ago, I took a stab (SWAG method) at estimating ARC's Q1 2010 results.

Well, I did not go to Wharton, Stanford, Harvard or Columbia, so, admittedly, I'm a bit challenged when it comes to predicting the financial results of public companies.

It's now "after" ARC reported its Q1 2010 results.
ARC reported sales of around $112 million for Q1 and EPS of $.02
ARC's sales results impressed me. Considering the horrible weather the east coast had in Q1, I thought for sure that ARC's sales would come in under analyst estimates. Also, based on the sales ARC reported, it does appear that ARC's sales have bottomed out. That should be good news for all U.S. reprographers. One last comment about this. I have no clue how the financial analysts who follow ARC manage to come up with estimates, well in advance, that come very close to ARC's eventual actual performance, especially considering the horrible reprographics industry conditions caused by the recession (which, I'm told, is over and done with.)

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