Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ABC Imaging Announces Renewal of Major FM (OnSite) Deal with HNTB

For those of you who like to follow what the larger players (in the reprographics industry are doing), here's a press release ABC issued last week:

Washington, DC—May 6, 2010—ABC Imaging announced today that HNTB has extended its contract with ABC Imaging to provide comprehensive printing services enterprise-wide for another three years.

ABC Imaging has provided HNTB on-site and off-site printing since 2004. ABC Imaging's on-site printing services, known as facilities management (FM) programs, provide HNTB and other clients the means to track print jobs and assign them to accounts. ABC Imaging operates or oversees printing at more than 100 HNTB locations in North America.

"A combination of factors contributed to our receiving the extension," said Timothy Sachs, Senior Vice President—Business Development at ABC Imaging. "Among other factors, we found ways to save HNTB money through the life of the contract. We will also continue to develop our software applications to meet their needs."

HNTB is one of the largest engineering and architecture firms in the U.S. and ranks as one of the AE industry's top firms in many categories. The company specializes in infrastructure projects ranging from bridges to stadiums.

The 100 HNTB locations where ABC Imaging provides printing services vary significantly. These locations include multi-floor offices requiring more than 50 printers and plotters and short-term project offices that require just a single machine.

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For those of you who are not familiar with Tim Sachs of ABC Imaging, prior to joining ABC Imaging, Tim was the "graphics manager" of Development Design Group (DDG) in Baltimore, MD. In other words, Tim was employed by an Architecture firm before he joined the ABC Imaging team. One of the first FM deals Tim helped ABC bag, was a significantly large FM deal with AI Architecture in Washington, DC, a deal that ABC Imaging took away from Reprographics Technologies.

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