Thursday, May 13, 2010

National Reprographics (NRI) acquires AEC Technology Consultants !!!

Well, I hesitate to call this "breaking news" because this news was published in the on-line publication, NYinc, last week. Today, one of my industry colleagues brought this deal to my attention, so I thought it would be appropriate to bring this deal to the attention of my blog-site visitors.

About New York Inc (NYinc), the company that published this news and where I got the article from......
NYinc is dedicated to the New York market focusing on commercial and residential real estate, law, finance, and economic development news. provides C-level and senior executives with the highest quality and most pertinent business information.

Here's the article about the deal:

National Reprographics, Inc. Acquires AEC Technology Consultants
Posted By Susan Piperato, 05/06/10
Filed under: Announcements
NEW YORK, NY—National Reprographics Inc. (NRI) has agreed to acquire AEC Technology Consultants, LLC, an Atlanta-based technology consulting firm. This acquisition further solidifies NRI’s position as one of the most rapidly evolving data management technology solution providers in the United States.

AEC Technology Consultants specializes in development support of new software and hardware applications that are ideally suited for the construction industry; creating industry alliances that have tremendous benefits across product brands; developing value propositions for various market segments; and assisting in implementing best practices for business development opportunities within each group. Its clients realize successful application development because of its commitment to high standards and tremendous depth of knowledge and reach throughout the AEC industry.

AEC Technology Consultants has had firsthand experience working in product and business development with many of the industry’s leading brands - Hewlett Packard, Autodesk, McGraw-Hill Construction, ReproMAX, Reed Construction Data, Arcom's MASTERSPEC®, Adenium Systems, BXNet and the American Institute of Architects, to name just a few.

As part of this acquisition NRI welcomes Ron Perkins, the Principal of AEC Technology Consultants, as Director of Business Development, based in Atlanta. Ron’s extensive experience and network in the AEC industry will undoubtedly play a critical part to NRI’s future growth.

“The acquisition of AEC Technology Consultants broadens and strengthens NRI’s position as a progressive technology solutions provider to the world of architecture, engineering and construction,” said Doug Magid, President of National Reprographics Inc. “The combination of NRI’s PDM software and hardware offerings, along with AEC’s deep relationships and technology expertise, enable us to realize great synergies together. Ron Perkins’ tremendous depth of experience in this sphere should be a great asset to our clients and partners.”

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Joel's comment: while the article does not state or even mention this, it 'sounds to me like' NRI is or may be entering the reprographics market in Atlanta. NRI currently conducts reprographics operations in NY, NJ, MA, PA, Washington, DC and San Francisco. NRI is one of the largest reprographics operations in the reprographics industry. Doug Magid, CEO of NRI, is a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance (Univ of Penn) and a very, very sharp cookie. Doug benefitted from having his dad, Sol Magid, as his primary mentor. Congratulations to NRI on its newly announced deal with AEC Technology Consultants.

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