Sunday, July 25, 2010

Newest Larry Hunt Publication - "Wide Format Newsletter"

I recently came across a Press Release about the launch of Larry Hunt Publications' newest publication - the "Wide Format Newsletter".

I've been a fan of Larry Hunt's publications for many years, probably since around the time it was first founded. My first company became a member of NAQP back in the mid 1970's, and the NAQP was how I later learned of Larry Hunt's very first publication. Giant Food, the largest grocery store chain in the D.C. area (which is where I hail from), used to have a slogan, "our best customer is an educated consumer." Well, if you've been a subscriber to Larry Hunt's publications over the years, then, when you made your decisions to purchase equipment (a copier, digital printer, or a multifunction system), you were probably a lot more informed about pricing in the marketplace for the equipment you purchased, and your choice of equipment was probably influenced by what Larry Hunt said about different brands and models.

After I read the press release, I visited Larry Hunt's web-site to see what else I could find, and, at the very bottom of the first page, it shows (links to) a few other sites of interest:

* John Stewart (Industry Consultant)
* John Giles ("The Digital Guru")
* Dave Fellman (Industry Consultant)
* Print Owners

Okay, here's the press release about Larry Hunt's newest newsletter:

Larry Hunt Publications recently announced the launch of Larry Hunt’s Wide Format Newsletter, which joins Larry’s two current newsletters: High Speed Copy News and Color Copy News. Larry has been producing these two highly successful newsletters for almost twenty years. Based on the tremendous response to a recent wide-format survey, as well as increased reader interest in this topic, he noted that “we have decided to introduce a wide-format newsletter. We are convinced that there is a need for comprehensive coverage of wide format reproduction”.

This new publication will focus on trends and issues related to wide format reproduction. Extensive surveys will help users decide on equipment purchases, with an emphasis on negotiating for best deals with up to date equipment pricing. “The Wide Format Newsletter will help you tap into one of the fastest growing markets in the graphic arts”, noted Larry Hunt. “It will offer tips to better utilize existing equipment, and ways to make better profits in high margin ancillary services. In addition, it will provide all the price data, field reports, user surveys and other features you’ve come to expect from my publications”.

Larry added that “Dirck Holscher, a fellow quick printer and good friend, will be partnering with me to publish this new newsletter and work closely with me on the other newsletters. Dirck has been writing and speaking about printing technology and business topics for many years, and will provide his unique expertise to the newsletters”. The editors will continue to offer individual assistance to readers with evaluation of the best equipment choice at a fair price. Many readers say this is the most valuable part of their subscription. For more information about all three newsletters, you can visit

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