Sunday, July 4, 2010

Promoting MPS - Managed Print Services - an approach different than the one suggested in the article that was posted on July 1st.

On Thursday, July 1st, 2010, I posted an article, written by a veteran of the “managed print services” (MPS) business, and, in that article, the author, quite basically, suggests that one should not approach selling MPS services by “saying that” you (the vendor) can cut 30% of the customer’s current cost; in other words, the author was basically saying, “don’t sell price.”

While doing some industry research this morning, I came across an article on ARC’s “” blog-site, and, after reading this particular article, which apparently promotes ARC’s MPS services (even though it does not mention the term MPS), one could easily form the opinion that ARC’s approach to marketing its MPS services is exactly opposite the approach that the author of the July 1st post suggests should be the case.

I always find it interesting to observe the different approaches that companies take when marketing similar or same services.

Here’s the internet address of ARC’s “reprofessional” blog-site …..
It says on the site that the reprofessional is a monthly newsletter about document management, digital print technology and printing.

Here's the article that appeared on ARC's blog-site:

Spending Too Much On Print? Receive a FREE Print Cost Reduction Plan
January 2010

The real cost of print management for most companies is commonly invisible. Our experts can help you take control and reduce print costs up to 30% per year.

According to research from IT consultants Gartner Inc., up to 3% of your annual revenue is spent on print activities.
Effectively managing this activity can save up to 30% annually on your print services. Why?

Print is a typically uncontrolled budget item, largely off the radar of high level accounting or operations management.
Given the complexities of print fleet management, most print networks are inefficient. Multi-function printers are rare, printers are not replaced until they malfunction, and a wide range of printer brands increase IT administration and ink/paper costs.

The real cost of print is hidden. Color printing, single-side printing, the steep support costs of using multiple manufacturers, and the high energy costs of older printers all work silently against a company’s bottom line.

How do you take control? Let our experts conduct a no-cost print infrastructure analysis to see how much you can save.

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