Thursday, July 22, 2010

OCE Q1 2010 Financial Results (and, will we see OCE's numbers in the future?)

Sorry, I forgot to mention this when I should have, like a couple of months ago.

OCE's Q1 2010 Financial Results can be found by going to this Internet address:

It's always interesting to read about the AEC Reprographics Industy's largest vendor and to see how that vendor is doing. If you are in the reprographics business, you should spend a few minutes time to read OCE's Q1 2010 report.

Also, since Canon has acquired OCE, this may be the last time OCE has to report on its own. Or, maybe not. I have no idea about the public reporting obligations/requirements of a Japan-based company that owns a Netherlands-based company, or about the reporting obligations/requirements of a Netherlands-based company that's owned by a Japan-based company.

If Kinko's had been a publicly-held company before Fedex acquired it, we would have been able to read about Kinko's financial performance in 10Q's and 10K's. But, even if that had been the case, Kinko's, after the acquisition by Fedex, would no longer have had to report its numbers. And, today, Kinko's (Fedex Office's) performance numbers are "buried" in one of Fedex's operating segments. So, we can't see how Kinko's (Fedex Office) is performing. I think that's going to happen to OCE's numbers, but I'm not positive about that.

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