Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reply to question about source of data used to develop the AEC Reprographics PPoP Index....

One of my blog-site readers just asked this question about the AEC Reprographics PPop Index:

"Joel, What is the source of the data you use? Who compilies the numbers? What vendors contribute to the data set?"


1) the data I'm using to compute the index is furnished to me. (In other words, I am not the "source" of the data, and I don't just "make it up." (SMILE)

2) after I receive the data, I first compile the data, and I then do the simple math that's required to compute the index.

3) As to your question about the source of the data I'm using to support the "index" of "plans printed on paper," I would love to be able to tell you the source(s) for that data, but, in order to get the data, I had to promise not to disclose the source(s). So, I'm sorry, I can't / won’t.

I would imagine that some in the AEC reprographics industry have already figured out where the data I'm using is coming from (I say that because of e-mails I've received, but I can't / won’t confirm or deny.) I am very aware that most who see the index will give it no credence because I'm not disclosing what data the index draws from. I don't particularly care whether people give credence to, or don't give credence to, the Repro PPoP Index; remember, my blog is my hobby, it is not a business. I can assure you that the index is not just a SWAG and that it is based on data that's directly related to "printing plans on paper", but there is no way for me to know if I've got enough data to say that the index is something that industry folks should pay any attention to. I will say that the data I'm using can in no way (i.e., cannot at all) be relied on to predict the future ups/downs of the reprographics industry.

(To the person who posted the comment that contained the questions, best regards, and I hope that it's not too hot in Arizona.)

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  1. Thanks for the insight. And unfortunately it is TOO hot in Arizona. 102 at 9am today. I appreciate you sharing the data you collect, hopefully others are paying attention.