Thursday, October 10, 2013

In Memoriam, Darris McCord

Late this evening, Dan Stephens sent out this e-mail (see below) to let friends and associates know about the passing of Darris McCord:


I regret to inform you that Darris McCord, passed away on Wednesday, October 9th. He was my dear friend and business partner for 28 years. He will be deeply missed by his family and friends. Darris had tremendous influence in the reprographics industry but more importantly was just a great person everyone loved. I already miss him.

I have attached his memoriam.

Best Regards,

Dan Stephens
Danris Development Group LLC”

Link to the Memoriam:

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Blog Publisher’s comment:

My condolences to Darris’ family.   May he rest in peace.

And, my condolences to Dan as well.

As Dan pointed out, Darris was a wonderful guy.  Personally, I had a deep respect for his business acumen and for his character; just an amazing person to know.  As Dan also said, Darris will be missed by all. 

I spent my first 18 years in the reprographics in the Washington / Baltimore area.  In 1988, we sold our company to an investor group that included Citi-Corp Venture Capital, LTD.  About four years later, the investor group, in fire sale, sold the assets of that company to a corporation (Franklin Graphics) formed by Darris McCord to purchase and operate our former business [originally known as Rowley-Scher Reprographics, later, under Citi-Corp and under Darris, known as Reprographics Technologies Inc (RTI)].  With Darris’ insight, support, and guidance, Rich Heller (as President of RTI) rebuilt RTI’s business, and, a few years later, Darris sold the company to ARC.  In my mind, Darris and Rich were responsible for resurrecting what was once and awesome operation and, in the process, they were responsible for creating hundreds of jobs.  Darris was a visionary and a leader.  A very, very, very sad day for all of us who were blessed to have known him.


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