Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SGIA Announces 2014 Board of Directors

Blog Publisher’s comments about the SGIA Board:

Nice to see someone from the Reprographics Industry on the SGIA Board! – Shelia Caddell of Alabama Graphics

I would not want to pick up the bar-bill for the SGIA Board!  There are over 25 people in the list that appears below!

Seriously, how does any board this large get any real work done?

SGIA 2014 Board of Directors
Chairman for the 2014 Board of Directors, Pete Gallo of Vista Color Imaging
First Vice Chairman, Tim Markley of Markley Enterprise
Second Vice Chairman, Hoddy Peck of Meisel
Third Vice Chairman, Rich Thompson of Ad Graphics Inc.
James Gill of FUJIFILM Dimatix Inc continues as Associate Vice Chairman.
Edward Cook Jr. of E C I Screen Print Inc was named Secretary
Michael Mockridge of Mockridge Doming Systems was named Treasurer
Kim Magraw of GM Nameplate Inc joins SGIA’s Board of Directors this year
Those continuing their terms on the Board include:
Christopher Bernat of Vapor Apparel/Source Custom
Ford Bowers of Miller-Zell Inc
Sheila Caddell of Alabama Graphics & Eng Supply
Thomas Cooper of RockTenn Merchandising Displays
Terry Corman of Corman Synergy Inc
Scott Crosby of Holland & Crosby Limited
Tom Davenport of Motion Textile
Michael Emrich of Meto-Grafics Inc
Nathan Franzblau of Graphic Application Systems
Kevin Gazdag of KSK Visual Ingenuity
Christopher Howard of Durst Image Technology US LLC (Durst US)
David Landesman of Lawson Screen & Digital Products Inc
C Y Lee of C Y International Co Ltd
Steve Urmano of Next Wave Media Solution
Ronald Vinyard of BBC Industries/Black Body
Also serving on SGIA’s 2014 Board of Directors will be:

Immediate Past Chairman Lynn Krinsky of Stella Color

Chairmen’s Advisory Council Gordon Brown of New Vista Image

and SGIA President and CEO Michael Robertson!

(and a partridge in a pear tree!)

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