Thursday, October 24, 2013

The 10 funniest photocopier ads of all time (a must-read/view for all nostalgia buffs)

A look back at the ten funniest photocopier ads of the last seven decades.

When I first saw this posted, I said, “well, this is silly, this is a waste of time”.  But, since I only work part time, I have at least some time to spend on silly stuff. So, I went to the link and watched some of the ads.

Some of the ads are absolutely hilarious!  If you’re a nostalgia-buff, definitely worth watching.  But, don’t do this on your employer’s time; do it at night when you are home from work!

Link to the web-page where you can watch these ads:

p.s., full disclosure.  Our first copier, at our first store, was a Xerox 914.  It had an automatic document feeder – me!

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