Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Money Talk: How Do You Stack Up After the Great Recession?

Article by STUART MARGOLIS, OCTOBER 1, 2013, appears on myprintresource.com


“Printing Industries of America has released its annual financial benchmarks for the print industry. Participating printing companies produced a profit of 2.7 percent on sales before taxes, generating even higher profits for the third year in a row.”

Within the article, the author says….

“The number of printers who reported losses in the current year was 29 percent of printers participating in the Ratio Study, down from the 33, 38, and 55 percent who reported losses in 2011, 2010, and 2009, respectively.”

Blog publisher’s comments:

The information in this article has to be interesting to reprographers, for it speaks to the huge difference in profitability between reprographics businesses and printing businesses.  In 1981, our company offered reprographics services and offset printing services.  Early the next year, our senior partner, Gary Rowley, made a very wise suggestion to his other partners; let’s exit the offset printing business and concentrate our time and energies on the reprographics business.  What a wise decision that proved to be, for our reprographics business took off …. and was very, very profitable, far more profitable than the typical/average offset printing business.

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