Saturday, November 2, 2013

Arkitektkopia hires new CEO

Note:  this is a Google-Tranlsate translation from Swedish to English, so it is definitely not a perfect translation of the "news" that was posted on Arktektkopia's web-site.

FYI, Arkitektkopia is the largest reprographics enterprise in Sweden.

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Arkitektkopia hires new CEO

Board of Arkitektkopia AB has hired Gunnar Duintjer as new CEO. He will assume office in early December.

With experience in a variety of industries in both consumer and business to business and franschisorganisationer supplied Arkitektkopia skills that the Board considers central to the company's continued development to ensure service delivery to our customers.

Gunnar Duintjer today Retail Chains at SF Bio.

"Gunnar has extensive experience in leading and developing businesses by identifying areas of improvement, lead the change process by developing its people and create profitability."

This seems like a natural choice for the merger with CM Group and the acquisition of Baldur's in Gothenburg says Arkitektkopias Chairman Meg Tivéus.

"It's very fun and exciting to have the confidence to become the president of such a solid company that Arkitektkopia. I look forward to the challenge, based on the platform that is laid, further develop Arkitektkopia with the customer in mind and continue to create competitive solutions for our customers while ensuring strong profitability, "says Gunnar Duintjer

Until Gunnar Duintjer His position will Marcus Wallin, CFO, will continue to serve as acting CEO.

For more information please contact:
Meg Tivéus, Chairman Arkitektkopia AB 
Tel: 08-673 66 40 
meg.tiveus @

Ulf Grankvist, owner Arkitektkopia AB 
Tel: 08-50 60 70 00 
ulf.grankvist @

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