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Comments from Service Point USA team members who lost their jobs when SP USA shut down on Friday last week

UPDATE at 8:45 pm noon on Weds, Nov 13th:
Comments from another source, this evening:
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“Hello Joel,

I worked for Service Point USA before they closed the door on us Friday. Here is some info that I found out when I was just doing some digging myself.  Kevin handled closing the doors by sending an email, not even by a phone call.  The week before, he made a phone call to tell us that Service Point USA and CFI and Service Point UK were splitting-off from Service Point Spain. But one thing I find funny is that CFI’s web site is still up and running (I don't know if they are still open) whereas, as you know, Service Point USA’s website is down. Kevin came from CFI to run Service Point USA. Just something to point out.

Thank You”

UPDATE at 12:00 noon on Weds, Nov 13th:
Comments from another source, this morning:

Not a lot of info for you, but a few minor facts. The two Summer St locations for SPUSA had been hybrid OSS facilities with a host firm and also open to the public. When one account was lost operations consolidated into the other host firm. SPUSA recently lost that host firm as an account also, the cumulative effects of which had to hurt (FM’s have nice margins).

If anyone was seen working machines on Summer St. it would most likely have been either the host firm, or the new vendor, or as stated independent contractors in case the new vendor doesn’t want to touch SP equipment. Perhaps the new vendor will hire former SP employees back at their old site.

Which leads to several questions. What do all the FM programs do? Should they continue to operate their equipment? They certainly need to. Will the courts straighten it out, and if so, when? Should fm customers start buying their own consumables? Can they get a new vendor and push the SP equip to the side until court tells them what to do?

While I wouldn’t put anything past Kevin and you could seriously consider all types of rumors and scenarios, the most likely answer is that the host firm on Summer St. must move on.

Please, as you so well state, keep my id confidential.”

UPDATE at 3:45 pm on Monday (Nov 11):
Another source submitted this comment via e-mail (and I was given permission to post this person’s comments verbatim.)
“Hi Joel,

I thought that I would fill in more of the blanks.

2 hours ago before Kevin’s big meeting that you were told about, I was on a conference with him and 2 others and I was told at that time that my branch (New Haven CT) and NYC would be closing at the end of the year.  We did not fit Kevin’s vision and direction that he wanted to take the company, a super factory in NJ. During his big company meeting he did mention the New Haven would be closing but not NYC, even though he did say it in our meeting.

After that I was prepared to go, but as you know it did not end that way.”
UPDATE at 2:15 pm on Monday (Nov 11):
Another source submitted this comment via e-mail:
“the staff got paid in full and their health benefits are paid through 11/30.”

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Blog Publisher’s Note:  I am a member of the Press, this blog being a form of press/news.  I do not reveal sources.  Ever!
Today, two different sources reached out to me with further details.
First person:
“Hi Joel. Thank you for keeping my name out of your blog. I appreciate your discretion.
There were roughly 100 people at the end. All were "terminated" per Kevin's email, which he sent from behind his desk while his staff waited for a face-to-face meeting/explanation, which they deserved but never got. My understanding is that Kevin resigned. On Friday he was disavowing responsibility for anything once he departed. I also understand that CFI in NJ was shuttered as well.”

Second person:
“Hi Joel,

I was laid-off from SPUSA when they closed their doors.

I just came across your article on the recent changes with SP.    

About 2-weeks ago, GM gathered Woburn employees for a meeting.  Supposedly, this was a “good” thing - that SP-USA and SP-UK had separated from SP – Spain.  And that “investors” were to review and to help in the short term of their financial difficulty.

During the week, there was no communication on the investors deciding to back-out due to the numbers not looking good.

Once again, no communication from upper management.  Just rumors and hearsay from other employees – not looking good.

Instead of gathering Woburn employees again for an updated status.
We received official word via email…..  really ……..

Talk about being disrespectful and no courage from upper management on relaying important information to their loyal and hardworking employees.
I cannot think of any real legal reasons on why not to communicate to all. 

To un-employment on Tuesday…….”

I e-mailed this person back to ask “how many SP USA team members lost their jobs”, and this was the response I received:

“Hi Joel – not sure on how many people. This has effected Woburn and branch locations, along with CFI (Chris Fowler Inc.) in New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy also had a great impact on SP-USA trying to recoup financial lost (losses?).  I am still unclear on SP–UK. I thought that the recent investors may be looking at them, but once again – (I am) unclear on the UK….

Thank you”

Blog Publisher’s comments:

My reporting focuses on SP USA, not on CFI (Chris Fowler International, a separate SP subsidiary).  As to the comments that CFI (its office in NJ) has shut down, that’s not been confirmed by Service Point (the “parent.)

As to the comment made that SP USA and SP UK were “separated” from SP Spain (the parent), I’ll have to wait until SP Spain files an announcement about that with the Spanish Stock Exchange to see if that is accurate.

Sad, sad, sad turn of events.  Apparently, 100 some people lost their jobs last Friday!  Awful!

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