Thursday, November 7, 2013

Who is Juan Dionis Trenor, the relatively new CEO of Service Point Solutions?

In September, Mr. Trenor became Service Point’s new CEO.

While I’m not exactly sure what Mr. Trenor was doing just before he joined Service Point, I did find an article about him indicating that he was formerly the CEO of one of Spain’s largest construction equipment rental companies. 

Which brought to mind an observation I made, two or three years ago (during the high point of the A/E/C industry recession in the U.S.), while I was driving from Tampa to Orlando.  As I drove along I-4, the major highway between those two cities, I passed a field – a huge field – filled with construction equipment – hundreds of pieces of construction equipment - waiting to be auctioned off.  A couple of years prior to that, that auction company was there – that same huge field was there - but, back then, there were only 30 or 40 pieces of equipment in that field.  (I know that because, when I was still active in the reprographics business, I used to drive the Tampa-Orlando I-4 corridor at least 2 or 3 times each month).  Reprographics wasn’t the only industry that got rocked by the A/E/C Industry’s recession, the construction equipment rental market got clobbered.  So, after I found the article about Mr. Trenor joining Euroloc in July 2007, I kind of wondered, “how’d that go for him, that was just before the construction industry began its tailspin.”  Obviously, he gained experience in how to navigate a company that’s dealing with woes created by a decline in demand, so that should help him at the helm of Service Point.

Service Point Solutions SA Appoints Juan Dionis Trenor As New Chief Executive Officer, 13 Sep 2013

Service Point Solutions SA announced that its Board of Directors, at the meeting held on September 12, 2013, decided to appoint Juan Dionis Trenor as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Juan Dionis Trenor replaces Jimmie Holmberg, who resigned from the position on September 12, 2013. 

Some of Mr. Juan Diois’ experience, prior to coming on board with Service Point, can be found in this article:

Euroloc appoints Juan Dionis Trenor as Chief Executive Officer of the Group, 6 Jul 2007
Euroloc Group has appointed Juan Dionis Trenor CEO in a newly created post. The appointment responds to the aim of strengthening the growth plan in which the company is currently immersed. "Me he incorporated an excellent management team with which I will work to develop and implement a plan of growth that contribute value to our shareholders and would place the group as regards Euroloc of rental of machinery in Spain sector," says Dionis.
His career has been linked to the field of financial management and the integration and consolidation of business. Prior to joining the firm, Dionis Trenor worked at Ericsson Spain as head of the "Ericsson Global services" business unit for Spain and Portugal. From this position, he held since June 2002, he led the creation of Ericsson Network Services, after various procurement and integration of subsidiaries. Previously he was also for Ericsson Spain, director of administration and finance for more than two years, participating in important projects of vendor financing. He subsequently led the management of resources, which were integrated financial activities, procurement, information systems and human resources.

In earlier stages Juan Dionis played other positions, including director of administration and finances of the joint venture international building Dragados-FCC (1994-98) and was also derente in the Division of Arthur Andersen (today Deloitte) audit, managing major accounts especially in the sector of construction (1984-94).

Prior news about Euroloc:

26 July 2006, Madrid - Advent International, the global private equity firm, today announced the acquisition of Euroloc de Maquinaria S.L., a leading equipment rental company serving the Spanish construction sector, from Fides Capital and family shareholders. Advent has purchased more than 80% of Euroloc, with management and Intermediate Capital Group, a mezzanine fund, holding the remaining equity interest. The value of the transaction has not been disclosed.

Formed through the merger of seven regional companies in 2004 and two subsequent acquisitions, Euroloc is the second-largest player in Spain and one of only two general equipment rental companies with a national presence. The group’s core activity is the short-term rental of small and medium-sized equipment and machinery to construction companies for use in building, infrastructure and public works. Its fleet comprises more than 15,000 units, operating from 28 branches throughout the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic and Canary Islands and Morocco. Euroloc is almost twice the size of the No. 3 player, giving it a significant competitive advantage in contracting with construction firms across Spain.

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