Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Aconex full-steam ahead (and Aconex picks up former ARC team members)

(This post amended on Dec 14th)

Aconex provides the world’s most widely used online platform for managing project-wide information and processes for Engineering & Construction projects. Over the last 15+ years, the Aconex collaboration platform has been used on projects worth over US $1Trillion, by more than 4,000,000 users across 70 countries.

Customers include nine of the top ten Oil & Gas companies, nine of the top ten EPC's, seven of the top ten mining companies and nearly all Fortune 500 construction and engineering companies.
Aconex is a tailor-made solution for multi-party, complex, joint venture and or P3 projects. Please feel free to connect with me directly and I can share our historical and recent success.
I’ve previously posted on Reprographics 101 about Aconex, so some of my blog visitors already know about Aconex.  If you are a reprographer and don’t know about Aconex, I’d suggest you to a bit of research on this company and what it offers.

Today, a brief search on LinkedIn reported that Aconex now has some 90 team members located in North America. (Aconex is based in Australia.)

Aconex competes with ARC’s Skysite.  Therefore, it is not surprising, at all, to find that at least three former ARC team members are now working for Aconex, including:

Stephen Cadeau – Stephen, who joined Aconex in Aug 2016, worked for ARC from Dec 2010 until Feb 2016; his last position with ARC was Senior Global Solutions Director (based out of Toronto).

Jason Jones – Jason, who joined Aconex in Sep 2016, worked for ARC from Jan 2012 until Jan 2016.  (Prior to ARC, Jason had been with OCE for over 15 years.)  His last position with ARC was Senior Global Solutions Executive.

         Earl Shiller - Earl, who joined Aconex in Aug 2015, worked for ARC from Feb 2013 until Aug 2015.  His last position with ARC was Director of Sales, Eastern Canada.  (In 2014, ARC was recognized by ARC as the Top Performing Sales Leader (#1 out of 29; impressive!)

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