Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Highly experienced former ARC team members looking for new opportunitie

Nothing lasts forever (at least so I'm told and have learned over a period of four decades).  

There are some highly experienced people looking for new opportunities; here are a couple of those, per what I found today on LinkedIn:

Greg Davis was an ARC team member from Jul 2001 until Aug 2016, and his last position with ARC was Division Vice President in Wisconsin.

From his LinkedIn profile:
Greg Davis is a highly motivated self-starter with a history of successfully exceeding goals, both in operations and sales, throughout his career. He has excellent people and communication skills and especially enjoys using his analytical and problem solving strengths to provide solutions. Greg is an innovator and a competitor, with a penchant for creating mutually beneficial situations.
Veronica Huser was an ARC team member from Aug 2003 until Aug 2016, and her last position with ARC was Global Solutions Director of New Business Development.  Apparently, Veronica, when she held that position, worked out of ARC’s Walnut Creek HQ’s office.  Per her LinkedIn profile, Veronica resides in the Seattle, WA area, where she worked for ARC from 2003 on.
From her LinkedIn profile:

Experienced New Business Development Executive

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