Thursday, December 1, 2016

ARC Document Solutions' stock price continues to improve (this blog-post also contains an extensive write-up by an analyst)

In a recent blog-post, I mentioned that ARC’s shares have recently been on the rise.  Today, ARC’s share price closed at $4.58, even higher than the last time I mentioned ARC’s stock price.

On June 14, 2014, an analyst posted an article (actually, an extensive write-up) about ARC Document Solutions, and, in that article, he said, “We see a conservative path to $10 vs. today’s $5.90 price, with highly open-ended upside from there.”

Six months after the analyst prepared that write-up, ARC’s stock did, in fact, rise to $10 (actually, a bit more than that, in late Dec 2014).

However, subsequent to December 2014, ARC’s share price gradually retracted to around $3 per share (in August 2016), before rising up to its current price.

The write-up that analyst did was prior to ARC’s introduction of Skysite.  Wonder how that would have affected his write-up?

If you are a reprographer, you will find the write-up to be quite interesting; here’s a link to that write-up:

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