Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blog-site visitor activity update

As of March 17, my blog-site has been visited by 85 "unique" visitors.

The number of visitors to my blog-site jumped up substantially over just the past few days. I think that's because I returned from Europe this past weekend and finally had a chance to go through the business cards (i.e., e-mail addresses) I've collected since i retired from NGI in Dec 2007.

- European reprographers from Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, The Czech Republic and the U.K.

- U.S. reprographers from Maine to Florida, from New York to California, and Minnesota to Texas (visitors from 23 U.S. states so far.)

Please kindly refer my blog-site to your friends and associates in the reprographics community. You never can tell when I’ll finally post something that’s good information.

To those of you who have let friends know about my blog-site, thank you, much appreciated.

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