Friday, March 6, 2009

Service Point - Results for Q3 2008

As you may be aware, the "other" publicly-traded company in the reprographics industry is Service Point. Service Point is HQ'd in Spain and, while Service Point does have a sizable presence in the U.S. (Service Point US, based in Boston), most of SP's revenues are generated by operations in the UK and in Continental Europe.

Service Point's"results" page is at this web-address:

There are also some interesting "investor presentations" on that site (those may be on another page on that site), which may be of particular interest for those of you who study the reprographics industry.

They must have a different reporting schedule for Spanish public companies (Service Point is listed on Bolsa, the Spanish stock exchange), because, when I looked for Service Point's Q3 2008 results, I could not find them a few weeks ago. But, the other day, I did find them. Press Release for Q3 2008 results is dated Nov 2008, but I'm pretty sure that press release was not posted until recently.

I'm anxiously awaiting Service Point's full-year 2008 results.

Service Point's stock price closed at around .53 Euros yesterday afternoon, which, at today's USD/Euro conversion rate would be around $.68 per share in US Dollars. Sounds cheap, huh? Well, I don't know about that; I think SP has about a gazillion shares outstanding.

One of these days, I might get around to comparing ARC's numbers (B.S. and Income Statement and EBIT, EBITDA and price-per-share) to Service Point's numbers (but I seriously doubt I'll get to that, even though it might be an interesting exercise.)

I think I read somewhere that SP has in the neighborhood of 800 FM's (that would include U.S., Europe and UK and wherever else SP operates.)

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