Saturday, March 21, 2009

“Call for” Association “Benefits” Presentations or Information

I’m pretty sure I explained in a previous post that my hobby is following the reprographics industry. That simply means that I do my best to follow what companies (reprographers) in our industry are doing and what industry associations are doing, among other things.

Today, while surfing the web for reprographics-related information, I came across a presentation that Shaun Meany, President of The PEiR Group, posted on the web. The title of that presentation, “PEiR Executive Briefing 2009”, and, if this works (and I never know that it will work), here’s the Internet address where you can access that presentation:

In that presentation, Shaun shares the benefits offered to reprographer-companies that join the PEiR Group. Shaun’s presentation was very well done; brief and to the point.

I’d like not to play favorites (and I don’t really have any favorites), so if ReproMAX, RSA and GlobalGrafixNet would like me to point blog-visitors to the lists of benefits their associations offer, I would be more than happy to post that information (or links to that information) on my blog-site.

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