Monday, March 23, 2009

Reprographics business "barometer" project ???? (Forgettaboutit!)

On March 3rd, I did a post about the idea of developing and periodically publishing a "reprographics industry" barometer.

To date, I've had not a single response about that.

What that "zero response" means to me:

a) that no one trusts that I would keep their sales numbers confidential
[Even though I pointed out in that post that I would not be the one privy to individual company sales numbers. Damn, several years ago, a poll taken by People Magazine said that CPA's were the most trusted professionals. And, I am a CPA. Well, frickin' Enron changed all that, huh?]

b) that having a barometer is of zero importance to all of you.
[One has to wonder about that one, because if I were still in the reprographics business in the U.S, I would definitely want to be able to compare my company's sales trends with a barometer compiled from the sales results of other independent reprographers. While not a genius, I do consider myself fairly smart (my wife would disagree). Therefore, if I think it is a smart idea, but none of you do, then you can probably well imagine what I'm thinking about your "smarts' at this moment.]

Okay, the "barometer" project is not going to happen.

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