Saturday, March 21, 2009

IRGA Convention - Pittsburgh - 2009

After procrastinating for at least two months, I finally got around to registering for the IRGA Convention that will be held in Pittsburgh this year.  I always look forward to attending the IRGA convention; great opportunity to greet vendors, greet friends, make new friends, learn new things (what's working and what's not working), and get educated.  (One is never to old to learn!)

One of the Educational Breakout Sessions I'm very much looking forward to attending is this one:

FM 2.0: Take Your FM Business to the Next Level
Dan Schnitzer, Director of Technology, Thomas Reprographics
Gary Marquardt, Regional CEO, Executive FM Strategist, ARC
Mark DiPasquale, Founder, Archimedia Solutions Group, LLC
Thursday, 11:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Industry experts will discuss effective ways to expand your current FM business.

Maximize Your Current FM Revenue
Upgrade the services offered to your current FM clients.
Expand the services offered to current FM clients.
Determine the right time to raise prices and how to justify them.
Grow Your Traditional FM Business
Get the attention of current customers that don't have FMs and close the deal!
FMs as a solution to the current financial downturn.
Effectively compete against existing FMs.
Expand Your FM Horizons
Place FMs in remote locations for your current FM clients.
Offer other kinds of equipment in an FM scenario.
Offer other services in an FM proposal.
Break into completely new markets, including where you should be looking.
Build credibility with new clients and perhaps new industries.

I can't imagine any reprographer, whether already in the FM business or thinking about getting involved in the FM business, who would want to miss this educational breakout session.

I'll see you at the IRGA.  If YOU haven't registered, get to it.

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