Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blog statistics, so far

There have been 59 “unique visitors” to my blog-site, so far.

And, so far, my blog-site has been visited by people from 3 countries in Europe, and, in the U.S. by visitors from quite a number of different states, spanning from Maine to Florida, from Illinois to Texas, and from Wash, DC to California.

I started posting on February 27th.

On or about March 1st, I started e-mailing people to let them know that I started a blog-site. I’ve only announced my blog-site to a few people (all are reprographers or recently retired from the reprographer community.)

In order not to materially distort the number of visitors to my blog-site, I purposely did not announce my blog-site to all of my former NGI associates or to all of my former Rowley-Scher associates. Only 2 people at NGI (primary owners prior to ARC’s purchase of NGI) and only 2 people who were formerly with Rowley-Scher (ex-partner and one VP) have been notified about my blog-site.

Please kindly refer my blog-site to your friends and associates in the reprographics community. You never can tell when I’ll finally post something that’s good information.

To those who've let friends know about my blog-site, thank you, much appreciated.

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