Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fairly recent news about ABC Imaging

Since ABC Imaging is a privately held company, we don't hear a lot about ABC, even though ABC Imaging is among the five largest A/E/C reprographers in the world. I found this article on OCE's web-site:

ABC Imaging defies recession and invests in Océ

London, UK, 20 October 2009—Two hundred people turned out for a launch party for ABC Imaging, the reprographics and on-site print management company, which has rebranded and moved into a larger office and production site in Britton Street in the city of London.

More than 20% of the partygoers were new prospects for ABC Imaging, which is entering new markets as part of expansion. Guests included representatives from international banks, retail outlets, the legal sector, architects, construction and engineering companies.

ABC Imaging, formerly called Mediashore, and employing 50 people in the UK, of whom 15 are based in a separate West End office, is now on the acquisition trail as part of a growth programme to increase its £4million turnover five-fold within five years.

Mediashore, which was formed in 2001, became part of US-based ABC Imaging in June last year and rebranded a month ago. The party was a ‘thank you’ to suppliers, customers and prospects.

ABC Imaging UK Managing Director Ray Hawkins said: “These new premises have created the extra space we will require for our growth plans. We will be expanding through organic growth and through acquisitions.”

ABC Imaging President and CEO Medi Falsafi, who flew in especially for the event, said: “Whereas everybody seems to be cutting back, we are investing. I am very positive about the future and know there are terrific opportunities for us, particularly in developing countries that include Russia and those in the Middle and Far East. Clients there need to have a provider from London or elsewhere in the UK, and Mediashore is a perfect fit for us. Ray Hawkins and his team are doing a terrific job and will make things happen in a big way. The best defence is having an excellent offensive.”

The £500,000 investment in the new premises includes taking on Océ’s award-winning technology such as the Océ VarioPrint 6250 printing system and Océ ColorWave systems. These are in addition to investments in four Océ VarioPrint 2090s, two Océ VarioPrint 2165s, two Océ TCS500sytems, two Oce TDS800s and TDS600s.

Bron Curley, Managing Director of Océ UK, said: “ABC Imaging knows its markets well and has continued to invest despite the difficult marketplace. Digital is obviously a high-growth opportunity and I was delighted to see at first-hand what’s been achieved in a short space of time.”

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