Sunday, January 17, 2010

Further information about BIM .....

Last year, I posted on my blog several articles that mentioned BIM. One of those articles mentioned ARC's acquisition of RCMS Group, a BIM services provider. One of the articles I wrote about BIM was a very, very long article. Since that post, I've received inquiries, some from investor-types, about ARC's BIM strategy. Since I am not an ARC insider (nor am I Merlin), I've suggested to inquirers that they should call ARC's management team, i.e., ask ARC that question.

Recently, I discovered (something that I'm sure most of you already knew existed) 'an anyone-can-access' web-site that hosts ARC's newsletter "about document management, digital print technology and printing." Here's the web address for that site:

Here's an article about BIM from that site.... basically an article written to generate customer interest in BIM.

"BIM Without The Software, Training or Equipment

November 2009

In mid-October, our parent company, ARC, announced a corporate addition of a highly-respected technology services provider in the building information modeling (BIM) market. Atlanta-based RCMS specializes in using conventional two-dimensional construction drawings to provide three-dimensional modeling and analysis of commercial construction projects on an outsourced basis. The firm focuses on improving business processes for construction professionals in every segment of the AEC industry.

Not sure what BIM is?

It involves the use of specialized software and analytical expertise to represent buildings and building components in three dimensions on a computer screen. BIM users build their projects “virtually” in a computer model prior to actual construction to increase the accuracy and speed of bidding, plan the workflow of a job, project costs and schedules, and identifying conflicts long before they are encountered in the field.

Given the recent adoption of BIM as a requirement for GSA and other government projects, not to mention a growing number of private projects, the need for BIM is growing quickly. But purchasing the software and hardware require to run it, and learning to use the software applications and analytical packages are often major obstacles to its use.

“Using BIM is becoming a necessity in construction” said K.P. Reddy, ARC’s Vice President of BIM Services . “By offering an outsourced BIM solution, we can dramatically reduce costs, while delivering critical decision support data, risk mitigation, and building process improvement that come from using the technology. For a customers who prefer managing project-based costs as opposed to adding overhead and infrastructure to their business, it’s an ideal way to amortize the adoption of BIM.”

Curious to know more about how we might be able to bring BIM to bear on your projects? Ask your sales rep for more information, or contact us here."

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