Thursday, January 7, 2010

A vendor-provided FM (an OnSite Service) is not just a strategy that benefits an Architecture firm in good times, but in challenging times as well

In the post I did just previous to this post, I mentioned "ZweigWhite."

The other day, I purchased (for $5) an article from ZweigWhite's web-site, and, I'd like to share a couple of "cliff notes" from that article. (I am not going to reprint the entire article; if you want to read the entire article, then do what I did, go to and purchase it.)

The article I purchased pertained to this subject:

> Successful A/E and environmental services firm leaders share strategies that have helped them stay afloat during the current market meltdown.

One of the sub-headings in that article:

Tactical toolbox: Overhead flexibility

Quoting the CFO of a 65 person Architecture firm, the article went on to say:

Here are several examples that JS, CFO at 65-person architecture firm XXXX Associates (City, State), says his company is doing to build flexibility with its overhead:

I am only going to reprint one of the items that CFO listed:

* The firm contracts with a reprographics firm to provide general office help and reprographics equipment and supplies on a per use basis.

And, this was the CFO's further comment:

“In downtimes, these programs allow us to easily scale back costs, which is a much less disruptive fashion than staff layoffs,” JS says.

Joel's comment:
For more than 25 years, I have been a huge proponent of FM (OnSite) programs for A/E/C firms. The comment made by this firm's CFO could certainly be construed as a testimonial for vendor-provided FM (OnSite) services.

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