Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GlobalGrafixNet Annual Meeting in Vienna, Austria (May 6-7, 2011)

Soon after the IRgA Convention, GlobalGrafixNet, a Europe-based trade association for reprographers and printers, will be holding its next “Annual Meeting”….

Here’s the announcement of that meeting:

- - - - - - - -

The 2011 GlobalGrafixNet Annual Members Meeting and Leadership Convention

The GlobalgrafixNet Board is delighted to announce that The 2011 Annual Members Meeting and Leadership Convention will be held in Vienna, Austria, May 6th-7th!

· We welcome all our Members and Sponsors to another great GlobalgrafixNet event!

· Theme this time is "Adding Client Value, Revenue Generation in the E-Commerce business"

- - - - - - - -

Joel’s comments:

I attended the last two GlobalGrafixNet meetings (one was in Prague, the other one was in Rome) and both where chock-full of good information (and ideas) for reprographers.

Although the meeting is a “members only” meeting, I am aware (at least this was my past experience) that they will allow non-members to attend the annual meeting, provided that you are considering becoming a member. If you are interested in attending this meeting, I suggest that you contact Mats Lenngren of GlobalGrafixNet. Mats e-mail address is: mats.lenngren@globalgrafixnet.com

Vienna, Austria is a beautiful city to visit, and May is a perfect time to visit that part of Europe. Wonderful shopping (but leave your spouse home, since she will make your trip very, very expensive!), beautiful architecture, great museums, and chock-full of history.

One last thing – Mats Lenngren will be the “master of ceremonies” for the GlobalGrafixNet meeting. He is a talented and engaging speaker.

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